The Happiest Place In Britain Has Been Revealed

A lot of factors can contribute to what makes people happy about where they live, but where is the happiest place in Britain and what makes its residents so cheerful?

Rightmove have recently revealed where the happiest place in Britain is and have explained what sort of metrics people judge this happiness by.

The Happy Home Index study surveyed 21,000 people about their feelings towards their hometowns and the results generated some interesting responses about what makes a person happy.

Green spaces and amenities such as schools, sports facilities and restaurants all factored highly in replies, which eventually formed the final list of happiest locations in Britain.

And topping off the list at number one was Hexham in Northumberland.

Hexham had previously won the award only two years ago, in 2019, with St. Ives in Cornwall having the honour bestowed upon it last year.

Per The Sun, Mayor of Hexham, Derek Kennedy, said: “Hexham is thrilled to be awarded the happiest place to live in Great Britain.

“We are a small town with great history, Hexham Abbey and other historical buildings, and our marketplace is 800 years old.

“There is a wonderful community spirit, people are very supportive of one another.”

The average price of a house in Hexham is £297,088, significantly below the average house price in Britain of £342,401, which may go some way to explaining people’s happiness with living in the town.

Richmond Upon Thames finished in second place in the list, with Harrogate in North Yorkshire rounding out the top three.

The survey discovered that people living in coastal villages tended to be happiest, with market towns also proving popular, having a third of the entries in the top 20.

Llandridod Wells, in Wales, placed fifth in the list, with Stirling in Scotland coming in sixth, making them the happiest locations in their respective countries.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also clearly paid a part in people’s living habits, with a huge number of people ditching busier cities for more rural, peaceful locations. In fact, 81% of people who swapped a town/city for a village said they were happier for the move.

A separate study in April, conducted by Pensionbee, claimed that Bournemouth was in fact the happiest place in Britain though, so who knows?

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