Bloke Cooks ‘Perfect’ Steak In His Dishwasher

Nowadays, it seems as if everyone fancies themselves as a chef, with social media giving rise to an innumerable slew of have-a-go culinary wizards. However, one bloke may have genuinely changed the game forever.

Specifically when it comes to cooking steak.

Given how precious people can be about how red meat should be prepared, it’s a risky strategy to boldly waltz onto social media and declare that you have discovered a new way to cook a steak ‘perfectly’.

Yet this is exactly what CBS News correspondent Michael George has decided to do.

His secret to the perfect steak? His dishwasher. Apparently.

Sharing the method with his followers on Twitter, George posted a video of his unusual technique to prove his point, although it must be stressed that the dishwasher doesn’t do all the work and a pan is still necessary for part of the process.

The steak is placed in a plastic bag, which is then sealed, before being put in the top drawer of his dishwasher for 96 minutes. The heat and steam does all the work, with the bag preventing any water from getting to the meat.

Following this hour-and-a-half stint, the steak is then transferred to a pan for two minutes with garlic and herbs before being served medium rare.

However, while the scientific feat is undoubtedly impressive, it also adds A TON of time on to the cooking of a steak and wastes a load of water as well, so probably not something you’re going to want to replicate at home.

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