Chippy Gets Zero Food Hygiene Rating After Grim Review By Council

There is very little in life as pleasing as a chippy tea. But not if that chippy tea has been prepared somewhere with a zero food hygiene rating. Because if that’s where you’re picking up your fish, chips and mushy peas from, chances are you’ll be seeing it again very soon after you’ve eaten it.

And one chippy near Barnsley, in Yorkshire, has us feeling green just looking at the pictures from their latest hygiene inspection.

Amy’s Fish & Chips, in Darfield has come under fire for a seriously shocking set of findings, which found ‘ideal conditions for food positioning bacteria’, in the inspectors words.

Amy’s in Darfield has come under fire for some seriously shocking findings at a recent hygiene inspection. Image: Google Maps

Raw meat was being prepared next to food that was about to be served, a huge cross-contamination no-no, while raw and cooked meat was also stored next to each other in the fridge.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, food was being left on the floor and outside to cool down and, on top of all that, an entire raw fish was found in a washing up bowl in the fridge, stored at 12.9 degrees, which is a staggering eight degrees warmer than Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommendations.

Images: Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Chopping boards in the kitchen were also coated in thick black grime, with the inspector noting in their report, “Chopping boards used for the preparation of ready to eat food items were found to be in a filthy condition.”

There was also a ‘general lack of cleaning and hand washing’ with damaged and dirty food storage containers also discovered.

The report said, “You must not prepare food for customers who declare they have a food allergy as you are unable to safely prepare food for them to eliminate risk from… cross-contamination.”

A previous inspection at Amy’s had noted similar problems prior to this visit in July, but it appears nothing has been improved upon.

Image: Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

“The hygiene and safety standards noted on this inspection fall well below those expected” was the summary of the inspection, although the owner of Amy’s has since responded to the FSA’s report, saying, “I agree with the inspection results but have since carried out the following improvements;

1. The premises have been thoroughly cleaned and procedures are now in place to ensure that cleanliness is maintained.

2. Staff have been trained / re-trained and are under better supervision.

3. A new Food Safety Management system has been introduced.”

Let’s hope for the chippy loving residents of Darfield that these improvements are here to stay.

(h/t LADbible)

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