Brooklyn Beckham Ridiculed For Making Terrible Breakfast Sandwich On TV

No, we don’t have any idea why Brooklyn Beckham would be invited onto a major US television show to make a bacon, sausage and egg butty, but it happened and it was utterly ridiculous.

The son of Posh and Becks appeared on NBC’s Today Show because apparently he’s now someone who teaches the world to cook and demonstrated his, erm, skills when making a sausage, bacon and egg sandwich.

What the f**k is this? Image: NBC

Beckham jr didn’t actually do any live cooking, but just assembled a very dodgy looking, pre-cooked breakfast sandwich with an egg that didn’t even feature a runny yolk.

All-in-all, it looked about as appetising as, well, let’s leave it to social media to tear apart Brooklyn’s absurdly bad butty building skills…

Maybe Brooklyn should combine his other passion with his newfound love of cookery and take a series of terrible, dark photos of the sandwich. Then sell them in a book and make a fortune.

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