Bloke’s Use Of Protective Equipment Goes Viral After Near Death Experience With Power Tool

This is why you wear protective equipment when handling power tools.

It should go without saying, really, that protective gear is essential when working with equipment that can cut through metal, stone and wood. And never have these safety precautions been more prominent than in a recent video which is amassing tens of millions of views on TikTok.

Matthew Peters was using an angle grinder when, suddenly, a section of the grinder broke off and flew towards his face.

Luckily for Matthew, instead of his head being sliced clean in half, his protective mask stopped the disc from causing any grisly, fatal damage.

Uploading footage of the incident to TikTok, Matthew has now become a viral sensation, with over 47 million people viewing the video at the time of writing.

One user commented, “When I stared welding they showed us a bunch of pictures of people who did not wear PPE during an incident like this and the result was gnarly.”

However, there were more than a few doubters who had some queries about the validity of the video.

Image: maxskippower/Tik Tok

A comment from one person read, “That cheap plastic shield would never stop that wheel. It would’ve gone through your head and kept on going! Nice try though.”

Another added, “Impossible with the guard on and with the angle and side it’s on. Also that thin plastic wouldn’t stop it even if it did happen. And two different sized discs.”

Matthew responded, jokingly asking whether the people doubting the incident’s realness would have preferred it if the part had become lodged in his face.

Real or not, just wear your PPE when handling power tools, alright?

(h/t LADbible)

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