DIY Addict Builds Incredible Pool In Back Garden Using Only Pallets

While that heatwave we all experienced here in the UK feels like it was about 14 years ago now, there are very few among us who would turn their nose up at having a swimming pool to enjoy in their back garden, whatever the weather.

And better yet, a swimming pool that only costs £100.

DIY addict Caleb Harrison has taken to TikTok to show off his latest creation – a swimming pool built entirely out of wooden pallets.

The video has already garnered a whopping 56 million views on the social media platform and, when you give it a watch, it’s not hard to see why.

The Tennessee native spent only $140 (£108) on the project, with some materials coming his way for free.

Caleb’s wife Kyla filmed the entire project, although some TikTok users were skeptical about how safe the pool actually was and whether it would actually work or not.

“Uhh…do ya’ll really think this will work I’m sorry but absolutely not” said one user, while another added, “Won’t last long at all.”

“I think it will work as long as you don’t add water,” replied a third.

However, over a month later and the pool is still standing and in great condition, easily holding 3,000 gallons of water.

Speaking to Jam Press, Kayla said, “When he first started suggesting the ideas, which was about a week before he actually built it, I thought it was a little crazy.

“He’s had a ton of ideas and all of them have worked but I didn’t understand how he was going to make a completely functional pool in the backyard, but after searching online for several days for viable options that we could buy that were in our budget, I finally gave in.”

Oh, and what makes all this even more impressive? The entire pool only took 12 hours to build.

Half a day and £100 for a fully functioning swimming pool? Sign us up.

(H/T Manchester Evening News)

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