Russian Bloke Transforms His Car Into A Huge Flamethrower

When you really cannot be bothered sitting in traffic any more, this could be the way forward.

Ok, so we’re not condoning the actions of Russian mechanic Vahan Mikaelyan, but you cannot argue that turning your car into a giant mobile flamethrower is mightily impressive.

Yes, you read that correctly. The well known Russian experimentalist has added huge balls of flame to his Lada. Because, why not?

BEFORE. Image: @vaga_adrenalin/Newsflash

Mikaelyan has become something of a celebrity in his home country for his wild customisations, and his latest creation is particularly violent.

Mikaelyan customised his VAZ-2106 Zhiguli, also known as a Lada 1600, with the addition of two flamethrowers at the front of the vehicle, which he has dubbed ‘Dragon’. For reasons we’re assuming you can fathom yourselves.

Two of the Lada’s four headlights have had the flame throwing jets inserted into them and they will be used to torch another vehicle after a race later this month.

AFTER. Image: @Vaga_adrenalin/Newsflash

Mikaelyan explained of his inferno based plans, “Friends, you have see the powerful fire my Dragon spits. Therefore, on 15th August, we will burn the losing car with the Dragon. 

“Make your cars better! There is going to be a hot car battle.”

Mikaelyan has previously added giant spider legs to a car and fitted a monster truck with wagon wheels. Not the chocolate biscuit ones, though. Although that would be incredible.

(H/T LADbible)

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