‘Worst Cup of Tea Ever’ Goes Viral

As any tradie will tell you, there’s nothing worse than being served a terrible brew.

A bad cup of tea can be absolutely unbearable. Undrinkable even. It’s an insult, really, to be served an underwhelming cuppa, let alone an outright terrible one.

But one woman has gone viral for sharing the cup of tea her boyfriend made her and, quite frankly, we believe he should be in court for his sins as this is an absolute crime.

Sharing the picture to Reddit, the woman posted, “Mourn the teabag that died for this brew my boyfriend made me”.

Image: Reddit/u/Tumbleweedling

Looking at the contents of the black mug above, it’s almost impossible to decipher just what is actually in there, because it is certainly not tea.

How does anyone make a brew so pale? Why is there so much foam around the edges? Why does it look like it’s stone cold even though it’s apparently been freshly made?

Reddit users were similarly confused.

One said, “Did he make it from the cold tap? Did he reuse an old tea bag from the bin? I literally don’t understand how it’s possible to make tea that weak.” while another added, “Get him to write out 2 pages of lines – I must not make terrible tea ever again.

“When he gives it to you don’t even look at it and throw it straight in the bin. Maintain eye contact throughout. He needs to learn.”

Another user chimed in by saying, “Divorce him. I know you’re not married – Marry him, then divorce him for this blasphemy. A simple breakup will not serve as punishment for this hate crime.”

We agree with user number three. This is sheer treachery on a grand scale. Unforgivable behaviour.

The post, at the time of writing, has generated over 30,000 likes and almost 3,000 comments. We doubt many of them are positive.

(h/t LADbible)

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