Plane Accidentally Drops Huge Package of Cocaine Through House’s Roof in Italy

You had one job, mate.

The pilot of a light aircraft in Italy is in hot water with the authorities, some home owners and some potentially very, very dangerous people, after a drug smuggling operation when terribly wrong.

Twenty-eight-year-old Francesco Rizzo – a flight instructor from Rome – stands accused of dropping an 8.5kg bag of cocaine through the roof of a house in Oristano, Sardinia.

The botched smuggling operation took place in March, when the class A drugs were supposed to land in the hands of traffickers, but instead plummeted through the roof of a house in the village of Baratici San Pietro, breaking a solar panel in the process.

Image: Carabinieri Oristano

After hearing the bang of cocaine on solar panel, the homeowners alerted the authorities, who originally were confused as to how the drugs ended up in the house.

Police confirmed that, when cut, the cocaine could fetch around £6.8 million ($4.91 million) on the street..

The police’s investigations concluded that the plane in question had departed from Rome’s Urbe airport and then disappeared from radar for roughly 20 minutes while flying above Sardinia.

Image: Carabinieri Oristano

The plane’s own GPS and CCTV revealed that it had indeed flown over Oristano.

After a search of more than four months, officers finally arrested Rizzo on Tuesday this week during a stopover at Cagliari-Elmas airport in Sardinia on a flight from Germany.

(h/t Daily Mail)

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