House Filled With Concrete Foam To Stop It Collapsing

Officials in Shrewsbury have taken the rather unusual step of filling up a house with concrete foam in an attempt to prevent it from collapsing and causing carnage.

Following a complaint last month by a tenant to Shropshire Council, who suspected the condition of the building needed addressing, structural engineers conducted a survey and determined the building “had deteriorated to the point where it could collapse at any time”.

Having evacuated all tenants to emergency accomodation, builders insert a number of pipes to hold the structure up as well as filling up the larger rooms with concrete foam.

And now it seems that due to the significant structural deterioration the only option for the owner might be to demolish the property all together. 

As reported by the Shropshire Star, authorities said “Whilst the owner continues to consider all options with their contractor and the council, it may be that the ongoing risk to public safety that both the building itself and the road closure present, mean that demolition could be the only option available.”

Just as the building was set to be filled with foam, Ed Potter from Shropshire Council said “This has been a unique and complex situation, and our teams have been working round the clock to help the owner choose the safest and best option to first secure the property from imminent collapse, and then look at the safest options to demolish the building, if it can’t be saved.”

“Once the building is secure, we will be able to reopen the road. The owner, with the advice from structural engineers will make a decision whether to demolish or repair the property.”

It’s understood the property on St Michael’s Street was built in 1850 and is situated within the Shrewsbury Conservation Area.

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(H/T and feature image credit Shropshire Star)

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