French Fashion Label Selling High-Vis Jackets For Ridiculous Amount

If you’ve ever been accused of being unfashionable after turning up to a pub in your high-vis and getting some funny looks, then you just need to point them in the direction of French label Balenciaga and one of their latest releases.

Turns out, high-vis is in fashion now and if you want to get your hands on their brand new reversible parka, it’s going to set you back almost £3,000!

£2,890 is the price of Balenciaga’s new reversible parka that comes in neon yellow with ‘technical ripstop’ – an extremely fancy name for reflective panels.

A high-vis jacket for £2,890…let that sink in for a moment.

Other key features of the construction-inspired jacket include the letters BLNCG on the back with a red logo on the left with 4 angled white lines through it.

Image Credit: Balenciaga

Balenciaga’s website lists a number of other key features of the glorified high-vis including it being reversible, it has black contrasting lining, cocoon shaped, concealed zipper closure with snaps, 2 slash pockets and marketed as an ‘oversize fit’.

We particularly like the trousers that are being worn by the model in the images displaying the jacket that give it that real authentic construction aesthetic.

As you’d imagine, people online have been quick to comment on the absurd price being asked for what is essentially a standard high-vis coat found on any construction site.

One said “There is a woman in some guys XXXL construction jacket promoted on my feed for like 1000 dollars.”

With restrictions easing and nightclubs returning another added “Wanna look like a lollipop lady for your 1st official night out? F***ing state of that outfit.”

Image Credit: Balenciaga

The good news though is you won’t have to spend a penny on shipping as it’s absolutely free and will only take 1-3 business days with some potential minor delays due to Brexit.

If you’re thinking about getting this for your missus this Christmas the sizes it is available in are 44 and 46 – which is an extra small and small once converted.

We’d suggest you just wrap one of your own high-vis coats up, print off the letters BLNCG and BOOM – you’ve got pretty much the same thing.

Image Credit: Balenciaga

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