Massive Bull Escapes From Field And Traps Couple On Road

This may be the most terrifying situation we’ve ever seen someone trapped in.

Imagine you’re minding your own business, calmly taking in the serenity of the countryside, when out stampedes a bull that looks like it’s been living off steroids it’s entire life, cornering you in the middle of nowhere.

Because that’s precisely what happened to Tina O’Neill and her partner Ken Fuller last Thursday.

The couple were enjoying some time in Castle Eaton, Wiltshire when the beast approached them, trapping them on a country road.

Posting pictures of the raging bull on Facebook, Ms O’Neill, 44, said “When you get trapped in the car because this beast has escaped from the field.”

Fortunately, the farmer who this behemoth of a bull belonged to was alerted to the situation and managed to direct his animal away from causing any serious damage.

Describing the experience Ms O’Neil, from Swindon, added: ‘We were on our way back from Stanton Park getting pictures of dragonflies as we’ve started doing wildlife photography.

“On the way home I saw him (the bull) and said how massive he was, so my partner said, ‘Do you want to go get a photo?’

“So we reversed back to the field where he was, but just as I took one photo he then went barging towards the fence.”

Rather you than us.

Seriously though, what has that farmer been feeding this bull?

(h/t Metro)

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