Bloke Bitten ‘In Genital Area’ After Snake Slides Up His Toilet

It’s something you can’t possibly ever believe will happen. It’s an urban myth. A daft tale you make up to scare kids for a laugh. But no, believe us when we say, snakes appearing in your toilets is real. Very, very f**king real.

As one poor bloke in Austria can attest.

The man in question had to be taken to hospital after sitting down to take care of a little business, only to feel a pinch from underneath.

When he turned round, the 65-year-old discovered a 5ft albino python staring back at him.

The serpent belonged to the man’s next door neighbour, in Graz, which had slithered free from it’s enclosure and wound up in the first available lavatory after escaping through a drain. Obviously.

Next door’s snake owner, a 24-year-old man, owns 11 non venomous reptiles, but it isn’t believed that this sort of escape is a regular occurrence. However, he has been referred to animal services for having such a large amount of creatures in his home.

The 65-year-old bite victim was treated at hospital, despite the lack of venom, due to hospital staff being concerned that his wound could become infected after contact with toilet water.

The snake, meanwhile, was cleaned off and returned safe and sound to its owner.

(h/t Daily Mail)

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