Unpaid Builder Demolishes Home While Owners Go On Holiday

A dispute over £3,500 of unpaid work has resulted in a builder partially destroying a house in Stoneygate, Leicester, with the destruction done while the home owners were away on holiday.

Neighbours on Guildford Road – that has an average house price of £540,000 – looked on in disbelief as the builder began to dismantle all the work he had done, in an act of revenge for not being paid the £3,500 he was owed for the work.

Using a digger, the builder demolished part of the roof he had worked on, a massive hole was left in the front of the house where the new extension was being built and a trail or rubble and destruction was left behind.

Speaking to the Leicester Mercury the home owner Jay Kurji explained “I bought the house last year. The builder started in February and we wanted lots of work done so it could become our family home for six of us.”

“We wanted a two-storey extension, a new roof, new wiring and for it to be more environmentally-friendly.”

“I had gone on holiday and was 200 miles when it all happened on Tuesday. I’ve contacted the police, who said it was a dispute and not a criminal case, and I’ve emailed Trading Standards. I’m still on holiday so it’s difficult to sort out from here.”

(H/T Leicester Mercury)


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