Construction Workers Dangle From Cable In Terrifying Video

You know when you look up at a window cleaner making their way down a huge skyscraper and you can’t help but think to yourself, “imagine if something went wrong?”.

Well fortunately the worst of that situation didn’t eventuate, but two construction workers survived the most terrifying of ordeals after they were perilously flung around whilst dangling from their safety ropes on the exterior of a building after getting caught in high winds.

The two men were carrying out an exterior wall lighting project on a building in the Chinese city of Wuzhou, when extremely wild winds sent the two men flying away from the wall.

Swinging like a human pendulum, their momentum then took them back into the building, slamming into a window of one of the apartments but both men were unable to get a grip and stop them swinging back out into the open again.

The constructions workers hung on for dear life before eventually being able to grab hold of a railing on the building the second time round where they were later pulled to safety and remarkably avoided any serious injury.

You can watch the full clip here:

(H/T Mirror)

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