Couple Buy House By Accident After Misunderstanding Auctioneer’s Scottish Accent

Imagine accidentally buying a house because of a Scottish accent.

Sounds too weird to be true, doesn’t it?

But this is exactly what happened to a young couple who wanted to start a new life North of the border.

Canadian Claire Segeren and her boyfriend Cal Hunter accidentally bought a derelict house in Glasgow when they misunderstood the heavy Glaswegian tones of the auctioneer overseeing their bidding.

Claire was back home in Canada when Cal headed to the auction to find them a new flat. He came away with far more than he bargained for, however.

Speaking to the BBC, Cal said, “I was struggling with the auctioneer’s Glaswegian accent. I accidently bought the wrong house.”

While looking through the auction brochure, Cal noticed some lots weren’t actually featured in there, before finally putting his hand up to bid on one in Sandback, Dunoon, although no one else seemed to invested in the property.

Claire, 26, added, “It was a little further than we were planning to be commuting. It’s about an hour, an hour and a half out of Glasgow, if you take the ferry.”

Cal hurriedly asked Claire if she was OK with the £10,000 sale he’d got them into, but his phone battery was dying so a snap judgement was made. They bought they house and began documenting their progress of restoring it on their new instagram account @whathavewedunoon.

Cal has experience of restoring old properties and is a skilled carpenter, while Claire is his ‘apprentice’ on the project.

Their new Victorian property had rotting timber and it’s roof falling in, with one wall close to collapsing.

The house had been derelict for between 20-30 years, with the couple writing on their blog “We’re a young couple taking on a BIG task. We accidentally bought Jameswood Villa, a derelict building that has been empty for over twenty years. Together, we’re taking on the enormous task of restoring this beautiful building.”

Located in a ‘small loch-side village’, the house is a ‘stone building from 1900’, nestled next to Trossachs National Park.

The couple continued: “To say we’ve taken on an enormous task is not an understatement. Jameswood Villa has been left empty for 20 years. 

“Our roof has gaping holes that have left our timbers exposed and rotten after years of West Scotland rain, and drainage issues left our land waterlogged, leading to serious structural problems caused by subsidence. 

“The councillors and locals have advised us to knock it down and start over.”

Claire and Cal have said they are excited’ to take on the ambitious project, and have set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money, already raising north of £17,000 towards the renovation.

(h/t BBC)

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