Bloke Designs Incredible Hi-Vis Tailored Suits

We have never wanted an item of clothing more.

A bloke from Western Australia has designed a range of Hi-Vis suits and naturally, we have become absolutely obsessed with them.

Rob Glenn is a director for training and consulting group Techno Economic Consultants and now regularly suits up in his Hi-Vis creations when attending work meetings and various other events.

Glenn took to LinkedIn to share his creations with the world and rapidly went viral.

Sharp and safe. Image: Rob Glenn/Linkedin

The tradie fashionista wrote, “Someone messaged me recently with a pic of a hi-vis suit… and a note to say I should have patented mine!

“I had three fully tailored and lined hi-vis suit jackets made years ago, one each in yellow, orange or blue depending which site I go to.

“I’m not really sure whether it adds to my professionalism or completely destroys it! It does however get some weird looks around airports.”

The suit for any occasion. Image: Rob Glenn/Linkedin

The post has generated thousands of likes and replies so far, making Glenn an online sensation.

The suits were made in Bali and, as of yet, Glenn has no plans to roll them out as a commercial venture, which is a crying shame, but at least we can appreciate them for the genius creation they are until that day comes.

(h/t LADbible)

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