Greggs Employee Reveals Shocking Secret About Sausage Rolls And Steak Bakes

We knew it!

It may not exactly be a secret that will shock many people, but the fact it’s being revealed by someone from the inner circle is still pretty galling all the same.

A Greggs employee has confirmed that staff at the high street bakery do in fact leave popular products to go cold.

The revelation was made during new Channel 5 documentary Greggs: Britain’s Best Bakery.

Art. Image: Greggs

James Oldfield, a former store manager, let slip that customers pay the price in temperature, not pounds.

“The reason Greggs can have such reasonable prices is they’re not charged VAT if they’re not keeping them warm. They’re just baking them fresh.”

Greggs previously confirmed this in a statement two years ago.

The bakery explained, “We sell savouries which are freshly baked in our shop ovens then put on the shelf to cool. We don’t keep them in a heated environment, use heat retaining packaging, or market them as hot because of this.

“As bakers we believe that baking our savouries fresh each day gives customers the best quality product.

“If the sausage rolls and bakes were kept hot after they had been baked, then they would be subject to VAT and the customer would have to be charged a higher price, in the same way that we charge VAT on our hot sandwiches which are kept in a heated cabinet and are subject to VAT.”

A most welcome sight at any time of day. Image: Greggs

So, because Greggs bakes in small batches to try and retain ultimate freshness, it may mean your constantly cold steak bake is due to your ill timed visits, rather than the bakers having low standards.

Still annoying though, innit? Especially as there’s a strict ‘no re-heat’ policy in store.

Would you be happy to pay a little more for your pastry goods if they were kept warmer for longer?

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