Firefighter Puts Out Fire Using His Jet Ski

We have never, ever seen anything like this before.

But now we have, we honestly believe, without being too dramatic, that it is the single greatest moment in the history of Earth.

An off-duty firefighter in New York has shot to viral fame by putting out a fire using his jet ski.

The firefighter, identified in the video simply as ‘Herrera’, was enjoying himself in Rochester, New York when he witnessed the blaze beginning to spread.

Springing into action, he simply knocked out a couple of donuts nearby the inferno, spraying water over the flames and extinguishing the danger.

Like something out of an ’80s action film, isn’t it?

To choruses of “Hell Yeah!” from nearby crowds, Herrera immediately became a hero, with a video of his heroics emerging online from the Rochester Fire Fighters Association, with the post captioned “Sometimes off duty, but always a firefighter”.

They better be in the process of building him a statue in Irondequoit Bay.

(h/t Yahoo)

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