Bloke Punches Seagull For Trying to Steal His Food

Something everyone can relate to, right here.

Seagulls are, let’s face it, absolute bastards. Constantly trying to ruin any trip to the seaside by relentlessly preying on our fish and chips. It’s a never-ending problem. And one bloke in particular has had enough.

While waiting for a portion of prawns at The Seafood Shack in Whitby, the unsuspecting bloke was being stalked by one of the feathery savages, completely unaware of the bout of violence he was about to dish out to protect his precious meal.

But, as the opportunistic little prick descended from the sky to scoop up some delicious, fresh prawns, the bloke, without breaking stride, turned and walloped it one in the stomach, sending the ‘gull packing and carrying on to enjoy his meal.

The sly smile on the bloke’s face as he walks towards the camera is utterly heroic. A true champion for victims of seaside seagull abuse everywhere. Somebody build him a statue immediately.

(h/t LADbible)

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