Ridiculously Narrow ‘Pie House’ Is Back On The Market And Even More Expensive Than Before

We’ve never seen a house quite like this.

Nicknamed the ‘Pie House’ you’d ordinarily be expecting some sort of bakery with a name like that. But this is in fact a bizarrely built home in Illinois that has gone viral over the last year because of it’s mind bending dimensions.

The two-bedroom property went viral in 2020 after TikTok star user @eli.korns_  posted about it’s unique architecture, which leaves one side of the house measuring a minuscule three feet wide.

Now the house is back on the market, on Zillow, after originally selling last year. However, it’ll set you back even more than it’s 2020 price.

Images: Zillow

If you were to become the proud owner of ‘Pie House’, you would need a spare $300,000 (£215,385) lying around, whereas purchasing it last year would have only cost you $260,000.

A listing for the home reads: “Live in Deerfield’s famous ‘Pie House’ which has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Chicago Tribune and media from around the world.

“This iconic two bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home on a corner lot is much larger than it appears with its incredibly smart design so that only the powder room and closets are in the narrow end of the home.

“Makes a fantastic condo or town home alternative (yet you don’t have to share any walls with a neighbour) and has over 1600 square feet of living space including a fully finished basement with great ceiling height. With tons of natural light, this home oozes charm and character.”

Image: Zillow

Once inside, the house opens out a lot more, with the pie wedge allowing for a more normal amount of space to be enjoyed.

The ‘Pie House’ sits on a triangle-shaped piece of land and was built specifically for the size of the lot, hence its unusual shape.

Anyone else want to buy a house and really hungry all of a sudden?

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