Video Of Bloke Trying To Park Car In Tiny Garage Goes Viral

Parking in tight spaces is frustrating at the best of times, so spare a thought for a Belgian man who has gone viral after a video from 2010 emerged of the nightmare he had to navigate on a regular basis with his pint sized garage.

Eugene’s garage is, ludicrously, only 6cm wider than his car, making parking inside it almost impossible.

And an old video of said car parking attempt is currently doing the rounds on Twitter.

Eugene explains to the camera how his Fiat Panda is 1.49m wide, while the garage is a nudge wider, at 1.55m wide, leaving him with just 3cm wiggle room either side to make a safe entry.

While in the clip the car is parked with ease, Eugene explains how he has had to attach sponges to the walls for the times when he doesn’t manage the manoeuvre so smoothly.

The routine begins with two chairs being moved from the front of Eugene’s house, followed by his bicycle being shifted from in front of his garage door.

Wing mirrors safely tucked in and Fiat Panda lined up at the correct angle, the car is eased into the tight space, with the driver’s door lining up perfectly with the door into the house, meaning Eugene has the space to safely exit his vehicle.

To shut the door, he pushes it forward slightly so that it can clear the door frame of his living room.ย 

Talking to Dutch TV showย Man Bijt Hond, Eugene says, “Now just these two seats in front of it and my house is back as it was, just look. Voila.”

Easy does it…

The video was actually filmed in 2010, when Eugene was 88 years of age. Sadly, he passed away in 2016, although his legacy will live on forever thanks to the power of the internet and his remarkable car parking abilities.

(h/t LADbible)

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