Women Accidentally Sends Nudes Instead Of A Quote To Plasterers

Three Plasterers in South East England received more than they bargained for when replying to a work ad on Facebook, with the homeowner accidentally sending the lot of them a picture of herself completely starkers.

Roseanne Dodge, 52, from Buckinghamshire, probably wanted the world to swallow her up whole when she realised she had made the gaffe, but incredibly it wasn’t until one of the plasterers replied that she became aware of her embarrassing error.

Expecting photos of a kitchen ceiling that needed plastering, one of the tradesmen responded to the nude pic he got instead in a confused but professional manner, saying “Sorry I’m gonna pass on this job, I don’t know whether this was a mistake or not, but you may need to review some photos that you’ve sent. I find this really unprofessional and for that reason I’m not going to undertake the work.”

Image Credit: Judy Cunningham

To her credit, Roseanne did send images of the kitchen roof that needed the work… she had just forgot about the mirror on the wall that captured her in all her glory.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she revealed that she apologised to the plasterer who replied but did not hear back from him, with the second plasterer not replying at all.

The third one’s social media page was run his female partner, who intercepted the apology message before her partner could see it and reportedly found the whole thing funny.

Fortunately for us, Roseanne shared the story with her sister Judy who couldn’t believe how incredibly funny the whole situation was and it’s thanks to her that we’ve got the screenshots and record of the whole episode!

Ever had something similar happen to you?

Image: Judy Cunningham

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(H/T Daily Mail)

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