Lad ‘Copy And Pastes’ His Pint To Get His Mates To The Pub

Now that pubs and bars across the country are reopening, throwing open their beer gardens, patios and terraces to millions of gasping punters who have been bereft of pints since the back end of 2020, we must also come to terms with some of the realest pain of all.

The pain of wanting to go to the pub when none of your mates want to join you.

“I’m skint/busy/working early in the morning…” are often the excuses that ping back into WhatsApp group chats, as you sigh, grab your coat and wallet and head out solo.

One lad, however, came up with an ingenious way of tricking his mates to the pub, using some pretty slick copy and paste skills.

Snapchat user Jack Potter had just finished at the gym before heading to the pub for a sociable pint or two, only to discover that none of his mates were also game for a little weekday session.

Jack, who was 19 at the time, explained to LADbible in 2017 how he conned his quiet mates into an afternoon of pints when they’d previously seemed unarsed about joining him.

“The weather was beautiful, but they’ve all just started new jobs so they were bottling going out. I knew half of them wouldn’t even reply, let alone turn up, but I wasn’t having it.”

His mates, returning to Brentwood in Essex from Uni, hadn’t been out with Jack for a while, so the keen young boozer was adamant on seizing upon an opportunity to see them for a cheeky few.

One friend had in fact joined Jack, but it wasn’t exactly the big, triumphant reunion he had been expecting. So instead, using the scissor tool on snapchat, Jack copy and pasted four more pints onto a picture of his table, telling the lads he’d got a round in if they fancied it.

Ingenious. Image: Jack Potter

And who can turn down a free pint?

“The first mate came in the beer garden and first thing he said was: ‘Where the f***’s the pints, then?’ So I told him to go buy them himself and stop being a cheapskate, and he stormed off to the bar.”

Seven mates eventually turned up, seeing the funny side, despite their disappointment and not receiving a free bev.

“We all had a laugh about it – [it] didn’t end up in a proper argument or anything as they can take a bit of banter.”

I mean, you would be a bit pissed off, despite how funny it was. Image: Jack Potter

Jack’s mate Lewis shared how he felt about the scam, saying, “When they broke the news, I was so shocked and confused. I was p***ed for a minute but eventually I saw the funny side.”

He added: “The sun was out, we were in a beer garden, and we had nice cold Foster’s. What more could you want?”

(h/t LADbible)

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