Lad Discovers ‘Hidden Treasure’ While Landscaping Garden

Be honest, have you ever been digging in a garden and come across something you thought was a hidden treasure?

Something buried beneath the ground that could change yours and your families lives in an instant.

A man thought that moment had happened to him when he came across a large concrete box that was a few inches below the surface of his garden….although it wasn’t quite what he thought.

Turns out the lucky punter had just discovered the whereabouts of the septic tank for his house – arguably the furthest possible thing from a hidden treasure!

Documenting the process on TikTok, user @tonyhuismanlp’s said “I was doing some gardening in my back yard today and I uncovered some sort of crazy, secret concrete box in the ground. 

“I found a handle after digging for a while, then after digging for a bit more I uncovered a second handle. I kept going until I got it cleaned to the point where I could start to attempt to lift it up.

“When I tried it was a little heavy so then I brought in the big guns. And you’ll never believe what I found.”

After finally opening the tank up, the video shows him running away covering his mouth and dry-wrenching.

The clip has been viewed more than 11 million times and you can watch it right here: 

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