Builders Caught Having Huge Brick Fight On Site

Video footage has leaked online of a group of builders having a massive brick fight while on site.

Last week, a crane operator witnessed a team of builders on the site below turn on each other, before hurling bricks and materials at each other, causing absolute chaos before quickly going viral online.

The incident took place in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, with some builders not even bothering to protect themselves with helmets as they began hurling brickwork across a dividing wall, with some fleeing for cover as the violence erupted.

Absolute carnage or a team building exercise? Image: Newsflash

A video of the fight can be found HERE, with almost 100,000 views being generated on instagram before police got hold of the footage for their investigation.

A statement released by the regional police force’s press office read, “There were about 25 participants. All were detained. An investigation is underway.”

One insta user saw the funny side and even had a theory about what was really happening.

“This is the two teams’ team building! 

“Now they will get to know each other better, and the work will go three times faster.”

Another user took a more serious approach to their comment, however, “They invest such a lot of capital, and they buy materials and do not use them for their intended purpose, they also waste time.”

(h/t LADbible)

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