Electricians Surprise Little Lad With Brilliant Pay Packet

A team of sparkies have made a little lad an honorary member of their team after sending him a payslip once they’d completed a job at his parent’s house.

The news of the electricians’ generosity was shared on Twitter, where a user named Suzanne posted about how they’d spent six weeks on a job at a family’s home, who’s little lad was ‘obsessed’ with them.

The lad ‘hounded them with questions, kindness and constant offers to help’ and was rewarded with his own pay packet of £15, itemised for his various services over the previous month-and-a-half.

Said services included; Catering (yummy cookies), Excellent Volunteering, Quality Assurance (asking lots of questions) and Counting and Adding up Number of Sockets.

The story is similar to one from a few month’s ago, where an unnamed builder paid his helper Harry a tenner for tasks such as ‘taking picture of a black bird and spider’, ‘passing bricks’ and ‘being a smashing little guy’.

This time round, the ‘smashing little guy’ is Theo, who it appears is now the newest employee of Seytons Electrical.

Naturally, the tweet revealing the pay packet has now gone viral, with over 8,000 people retweeting it at the time of writing.

We love seeing gestures like this, especially when we’ve all needed cheering up over this past 10 months. Well in, Seytons.

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