Plumber Saves Customer’s Life After They Had A Heart Attack

A plumber is being hailed a hero after saving the life of a customer who suffered a heart attack while he was working on a property in London.

Patrick Oatley was called out to fix a leak at a property on Batman Close, White City, and during discussions with the resident about the issue, the man suddenly became extremely unwell, faint and weak on his feet.

Not taking any chances, Mr Oatley immediately dialled 999 as he suspected it may have been an early sign of a heart attack and had an ambulance immediately come to the aid of the man.

The quick-thinking plumber, who is a subcontractor for Morgan Sindall Property Services, waited with the man until help came with paramedics saying his actions most definitely saved the life of the individual.

The Life-Saving Plumber – Patrick Oatley: Image Credit: Hammersmith & Fulham Council)

Speaking to My London, the humble plumber reflected on his life-saving gesture, saying “I am pleased I was there and able to help the resident when they were not feeling very well.

“Now more than ever, it’s important to look out for each other.”

Being the professional that he is, Mr Oatley was able to put the incident behind him relatively quickly and got on with the job at hand afterward in fixing the leak too!

Gary McFarlane, partnership director of Morgan Sindall Property Services, said: “We are extremely proud of Patrick. His quick thinking and compassion for the resident resulted in saving his life.”

“He went above and beyond for the resident and for that we’re very grateful.”

It’s a shame pubs are closed at the minute as this plumber definitely has a few free pints coming his way.

Fair play Patrick!


(H/T My London)

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