Customers Notice Hilarious X-Rated Design On Domino’s Advert

Usually, if we’re ordering from Domino’s, jokes are the last thing we’re looking for on the menu, yet the pizza delivery behemoths have left customers in stitches with some pretty x-rated pepperoni based design work.

A new leaflet that has been distributed, advertising Domino’s latest offers, with people getting a little bit more than they bargained for.

Instead of a handful of discounts, customers were also greeted with some very suspect looking pepperoni.

One Twitter user was quick to share their surprise at the erotic positioning, saying “I think @dominos @Dominos_UK need to get a new designer. Why is the pepperoni shaped like a penis? #marketing #designfail.”

Another user posted, “Has somebody had a laugh with pepperoni penises in your marketing dept??”

A third added, “Sooooooo…just explaining to my kids that it’s definitely not a ‘penis pizza’. Surely someone checks your advertising?”

When your pepperoni passion comes with extra sausage. Image: Twitter

At least no one in the marketing department was allowed to get too creative with the garlic and herb dip.

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