Builders Caught In Hilarious Position On Google Maps

Google Maps is, primarily, used to help us get from A to B, proving to be one of the most useful apps around, but it can also be utilised to cause a bit of mischief and mayhem from time to time.

Which is exactly what two builders used it for when they saw an opportunity, recently.

The cameras that are used to piece together all the street view shots that are used within Google Maps are often attached to cars that you may have seen meandering around the roads where you are every now and again.

And when two builders noticed one of the cars coming their way, they couldn’t resist having a bit of fun.

Sensing the opportunity, the two tradesmen, who were standing outside what appeared to be an apartment complex or a hotel, engaged in some playful positions for the cameras.

Tradies just wanna have fun. Image: Google Maps

As one of the men faced away, his colleague snuck up behind him, thrusting his hips towards his workmate and waving his arm around, while gently caressing the man in blue’s hips, in a scene more akin to a nightclub dance floor around the 2am mark than a worksite.

Of course, due to Google’s privacy laws, both men had their faces blurred, but they’ll still go down as site heroes in our book.

(h/t The Express)

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