‘Most British Pub Scene Ever’ Goes Viral and It’s Absolutely Hilarious

God we miss the pub. Everything about it. Having them open for about five minutes over the past year has been an absolute nightmare, hasn’t it? But it’s not long until beer gardens are opened back up to the public again and less than a hundred days until we can, apparently, enjoy boozers restriction free once more.

And to celebrate this impending return to public intoxication, arguing with bouncers and shouting “SHOTS!” after you’ve had three pints, a video of the ‘Most British Pub Scene Ever’ has rapidly gone viral, causing everyone to yearn even more for the smells, sights and sounds of their favourite, regular haunts.

The video in question has done the rounds on social media before, becoming a staple of British Pub Twitter. But with it now becoming more relevant than ever due to our lack of social interactions over the last 12 pandemic ridden months, the retweets have been rolling in again.

Tweeted by Liam McCall with the caption, “It’s Friday the boozers are nearly ready to open, so it’s only right I treat you all to this again. The Fox and Lion, Leyland.” the video has quickly racked up over 2,000 retweets and 6,500 likes, with a further 500+ comments being generated from users wanting to share the mind bending hilarity with their mates.

A selection of Leyland’s finest are seen throwing shapes to MC Hammer’s seminal 1990 hit ‘U Can’t Touch This’ and, although the video was filmed in 2016, five years later it feels like it hasn’t aged a bit, now more important than simply heralding the beginning of the weekend, as it has been primarily used for during the pre-covid era. This is now a call-to-arms for every pub frequenting person in the United Kingdom.

We absolutely cannot wait for those pub doors to swing back open. It should be a national holiday tbh. For a month.

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