Pilot Deals With Helicopter Crash Ridiculously Calmly

It is safe to say that, were any of us to experience the horrifying and, most likely, deadly ordeal of being trapped inside a helicopter as it plummeted to earth, we would be anything but calm. Yet one pilot has been praised for the remarkably collected way he dealt with his brush with death.

YouTube user Jody Fahrig posted a clip entitled ‘Texas Hog Hunt Helicopter Crash’, which showed a helicopter crashing in Albany, Texas on 9th January, this year.

A relatively routine looking helicopter journey appears to be going smoothly, until the chopper suddenly starts veering left, accompanied by a rather worrying beeping sound.

Not too long after, the helicopter than plummets towards the ground and crashes into some dry grass, as the passenger films the entire ordeal.

Somehow, someway, the chopper remains upright as it slams to the earth as a voice reaches out, “Everybody OK?”.

Once everyone on board confirms that they’re fine, the reply comes, “sorry about that, boys”.

Sorry about that, boys!?

Another voice soon chirps up after this, exclaiming “well, damn!” as the group emerge from the wreckage. The Robinson R44 that was involved in the crash was ‘substantially damaged’ according to a report from the Aviation Safety Network.

Image: Jody Fahrig/YouTube

The report read, “The pilot and two passengers were not injured. The helicopter was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 91 hog hunting flight. 

“The pilot reported that it was the third flight of the day and the helicopter took off uneventfully. About 120 ft above the ground, the engine sputtered temporarily before it lost complete power.

“The pilot performed an autorotation to a field. During the descent, the helicopter impacted trees and landed hard right skid low. Subsequently, the main rotor blade contacted, and separated, the tail boom.”

The pilot has been heavily praised for their ‘totally calm and collected’ approach to the crash and how they dealt with it, keeping everyone on board safe and, remarkably, unscathed.

Image: Jody Fahrig/YouTube

One comment on the YouTube video said, “That’s not a crash. That’s a perfect landing in a full-down engine failure. 10/10 for that pilot, right there” while another user wrote,

“I am a flight instructor. That was an OUTSTANDING job of auto-rotation. As I watching I was thinking what I would do. I did not like the highway because it had a bank that would surely be more destructive at impact.

“Then he also turned left to avoid the road. Notice at the last seconds he had the conscious of mind to make a slight correction to avoid the tree. OUTSTANDING!!!!”

It’s still the “sorry about that, boys” which is getting us. Imagine saying that so casually AFTER AN ACTUAL HELICOPTER CRASH.

(h/t LADbible)

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