Pub Plays Hilarious Prank on Influencer Trying to Get Free Food

Given how badly affected the hospitality industry has been by the Covid-19 pandemic, you would hope that the usual ‘influencers’ that leech off bars and restaurants for freebies by giving them ‘exposure’ in return would give it a rest for a while at least. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. And one pub has hilariously hit back.

Instead of supporting a local business, one influencer kept up the entitled behaviour and messaged London pop up Four Legs, which has been operating out of the Compton Arms, asking for a free feed.

And, initially, it seemed that the lads at Four Legs were receptive to the idea.

Chefs Jamie Allan and Ed McIlroy posted the back and forth from their DMs on the restaurant’s official instagram page, as the influencer in question pestered them for several free takeaway meals.

“In exchange for this I’ll be happy to advertise you via my Instagram stories” came the offer, with the freeloader clearly not planning on a feed post despite wanting to be fed for free by a restaurant operating in an industry that has been devastated financially over the past year.

“Alongside a swipe up link if you have a website to direct my followers to your website in the hope of it leading to an order? Let me know if keen?” was the follow up message, as the lads at Four Legs kept them dangling on the hook throughout the conversation.

Four Legs’ account then sent a message in reply, asking the influencer if they could collect the meals, sending their ‘address’.

The influencer, clearly delighted that they had scammed five free meals from the establishment, informed Four Legs that they would post in feed once they were open for dine-in “if I can make it blend with my feed” (fuck off).

“That’s quite a lot of food, if you do a couple of posts then we can do it – you have a lot of followers!” the pub replied. When the influencer contacted them to inform them the pub was nowhere to be seen, Four Legs replied “Do you see the police station? Let me know when you see police station.”

“See it,” came the reply.

“Magic – go in there and report yourself for crimes against the hospitality industry,” Four Legs finished.

Absolutely magic. The perfect prank and a solid two fingers up at the entitled influencer industry. What a perfect moment. Rounds of applause all round. We hope they’re absolutely swamped with takeaway orders this weekend and are booked up solid when their dine-in is available again.

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