Hero Plumber Drives 1,500 Miles to Help Storm Victims

With thousands of families left helpless without power or running water, it was a February to forget for most Texans, as the Lone Star State was ravaged by the coldest temperatures in over 30 years.

However, one hero plumber took it upon himself to help those in need in the South West state, so he packed up his tools and made the journey to help those who had been hit with floods and other devastating damages as a result of the recent winter storm.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, the plumber, Andrew Mitchell, is from New Jersey, over 1,500 miles and 22 hours drive away from Texas.

Mitchell and his family trekked from Morristown to the Houston area, loaded up with almost $2,000 worth of materials to help out those affected in any way they could.

Mitchell and his brother-in-law and apprentice, Isaiah Pinnock have worked morning until night fixing pipes, with Mitchell’s wife, Kisha Pinnock telling the BBC, “It’s really a blessing to be a blessing to other people and Andrew truly enjoys the work. Plumbing is his passion.”

Image: Andrew Mitchell

Mitchell last week noticed a ‘call for help’ from Texan plumbers who were struggling to deal with the level of damage done by the recent freak weather and headed straight down to his local store to load up on as many materials as possible to take with him to the South West.

Their first client was Ms. Pinnock’s mother, who lived in Humble and since then, they’ve been working non stop fixing collapsed ceilings, frozen walls and – in one terrifying episode – working beside snake eggshells in a crawl space.

“A lot of the people we’ve helped were telling us they either can’t get a plumber on the phone or – if they do get one on the phone – the wait to be serviced is three to four weeks out, so they can’t have water during that entire time,” said Ms Pinnock.

Having already spent a week in Texas, the family are planning on remaining in the area for as long as they can, with a trip to Austin next on their agenda. Mr. Mitchell has vowed to keep working until he runs out of material and will make a return trip to the area once he has nothing left.

Absolute heroes, I’m sure we can all agree.

(h/t BBC)

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