Deliveroo Driver Eats Rude Customer’s Food and Throws It At Her

It should go without saying, really, but here goes anyway: Delivery drivers deserve everyone’s respect more than ever as they continue to drop our beloved takeaways at our doorsteps during a global pandemic. Yet a small portion of social media users seem hell bent on shaming some drivers publicly, potentially costing them their jobs during one of the greatest periods of economic uncertainty in history.

The latest delivery person to face the wrath of a social media jobsworth has actually turned into an online hero for the incredible way he dealt with the obnoxious nature of the customer he was dropping food off to.

Twitter user tom_the_cabbie posted a video on Friday, clearly aimed at generating support and sympathy for an incident with their Deliveroo driver in which the delivery person refused to bring their order up to their apartment, in keeping with the company’s Covid-19 guidelines.

The video was captioned “next time you want to order from Deliveroo, think about this” where a female’s voice can be heard telling the driver she’s cold so doesn’t want to come down to collect her order. The driver explains that he cannot come up as it would be a breach of Covid guidelines, yet is ignored by the customer, who has for some reason decided to film the episode, instead patronisingly calling the driver ‘darling’ and remaining seemingly oblivious to the fact he’s literally just doing his job and trying to be as safe as possible.

When the woman behind the phone camera becomes even more unreasonable and belligerent, the driver turns into a full blown superhero by simply eating her food and then obliging with her wishes and actually delivering it to her, by throwing nuggets up towards her balcony. Outstanding.

Deliveroo have since tweeted an update to explain that the driver will not be losing his job as a result of this incident. Hopefully a pay rise and some sort of crown and cape are also being designed for this King as well.

Remember, delivery people are working long hours on low wages and putting their own health at risk every day they go into work, just so we can have hot food delivered to our doorsteps so we don’t have to venture to the shops and risk contracting Covid-19 ourselves. Taking a few flights of stairs to collect some nuggets is hardly scaling Everest, is it?

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