Tons Of People Are Going Mad About Weetabix’s ‘Beans on Bix’ Tweet

Weetabix has long been a solid staple of breakfast time, lending itself naturally to all manner of combinations, maintaining it’s popularity for it’s ability to seamlessly integrate with milk, yoghurt, fruit, honey, you name it. The ‘bix is an all rounder and we’re forever grateful for it’s service to the morning routine.

What Weetabix are NOT, however, is a vessel for serving baked beans. That is the domain of bread and potatoes. Not a dried biscuit of wheat that has about as much natural moisture as a flip-flop in the desert.

Yet for some reason, Weetabix’s official Twitter account decided to debut the ‘delicacy’ on social media yesterday. Naturally, chaos ensued.

Personally, we think the pair of glasses smothered in beans looks more appealing.

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