Man Stunned By Proper Use For Fuel Cap Slot

A motorist has gone viral after discovering what the slot is for on his fuel cap.

OK, granted, that sentence doesn’t make the TikTok revelation in question sound particularly entertaining, but the 38-year-old’s discovery has generated over a million views and a ton of feedback.

The TikTok user, known only as Justin, posted a video to his account captioned ’38 years on this Earth and I just learned this’ upon his discovery that the hook on his petrol cover is just for keeping the petrol cap on while filling the car up.


How did I not know this?

♬ original sound – Justin

And it turns out Justin wasn’t the only one to be blown away by this revelation.

One user replied, “I’ll be back in a second, I have to check something” while another commented, “51 years on this earth and I just learned this.”

You learn something new every day.

(h/t LADbible)

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