Insane Parish Council Zoom Call Goes Viral After Descending Into Chaos

If you’ve happened to venture onto Twitter this morning, you will suddenly have an in depth understanding of the turmoil that is rife within Handforth Parish Council. You will also have a newfound respect for Jackie Weaver. Remember the name. She does have authority.

Overnight, a zoom call from the December meeting has spread like wildfire across social media, showing a meeting of the Parish Council members rapidly descended into chaos, with one particularly disgruntled PC Clerk and a lad under the name ‘Aled’s iPad’ going APESHIT, while Jackie Weaver and John Smith do their best to hold it down and get Handforth back on track.

We’ve not been able to stop watching it all morning and, if you haven’t already (what else have you been doing!?) here’s an 18 minute megacut of the meeting’s best bits. It peaks in the first few minutes, to be honest, but still well worth almost 20 minutes of your time.

What a way to start a weekend. We’re off to toast Jackie Weaver and all her authority.

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