Watch The Moment Builders In Scotland Found A 14ft Python Near Pub

Some brave Scottish builders have gone viral on Twitter after posting a video of them discovering a 14ft Burmese python near a pub in Greenock.

The snake was found near the Broomhill Tavern, currently closed due to lockdown restrictions in Scotland, and at first the builders who found it thought it was dead.

That was until they got a little too close to it and it started slithering again.

Not missing the chance to capture one of the more unusual – and terrifying – moments of their day, the builders were quick to share the video online that got the attention of local police.


It appears this is just the latest in a string of snakes that have started appearing in the area – with police even appealing to the public to see if someone was actually ‘missing’ any snakes that might help them to understand this sudden surge in cases.

In addressing this point, Inspector Paul Thompson at Greenock Police Station said: “Officers are currently dealing with the reports of a number of sightings of large snakes in the Greenock and Gourock area.

“I would urge anyone who may come across a snake not to approach it, but to call police reporting its position.

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As reported In Scottish Construction Now, Police Scotland said officers had received reports of the video and had dispatched officers to investigate.

“Police Scotland report that a large snake was found earlier today in Greenock.

“The snake, which is approximately 14’ long is currently being examined and cared for at a local veterinary practice.

“Local social media posts have highlighted this incident with photographs and commentary around the find, and at this stage there have been a number of other similar reports relating to snakes being spotted in the local community.”

“At this stage we are carrying out local enquiries in order to establish if anyone is missing any snakes.”

(H/T Scottish Construction Now)

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