Bloke Paints Entire Wall In 30 Seconds Thanks To Incredible Trick

A clip of a bloke painting an entire wall in less than a minute has gone viral and we’re still trying to work out what we’ve just watched.

One TikTok user has shown the world how to take the tedious, time consuming slog out of painting walls with an ingenious method the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

The rapid painting technique was shared by @Angela_j_official and shows an unnamed man zig-zagging his roller across the wall before filling in the gaps, saving a ton of time and effort in the process.

Captioned “How on earth is this even possible?” we have been asking ourselves the same question ever since watching the video for the first time, and subsequently after each of the other 125 times we’ve watched it since.

It looks so simple, yet also baffles us. Has anyone else tried this before and why aren’t we all just doing this rather than wasting tons of time painstakingly painting entire walls?

The hero we all need…

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