Woman Discovers Dozens Of Spiders Hiding Behind Curtain In Bedroom

The question for this one is simple: How would you have reacted?

A woman in Sydney, Australia, has had footage go viral of the moment she discovered a terrifying cluster of spiders hiding behind a curtain in her daughters bedroom.

And this wasn’t just 3 or 4 of the 8-legged things…try like 50 or 60 baby huntsman spiders all dispersing at once on the wall.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

After calling on her mother, Claudia, to come and see something ‘unusual’ on her wall, she was surprised to find not just one, but two clusters of baby spiders hiding up near the roof of the bedroom.

Friend of the family and twitter user @PrinPeta tweeted the video with the caption “‘Gaaaahhhhhhhh, a friend of mine in Sydney just walked into her daughter’s room and found this,”.

Perhaps the only thing more surprising than the discovery of this enormous amount of spiders is the incredibly calm response of the mother – who found the whole thing hilarious and can be heard laughing multiple times throughout the clip.

Now you might think that the story ends with the woman calling some kind of extermination company to get rid of them all but it turns out Claudia is a much braver woman than I.

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Speaking to ABC News, she said “We just left them there because they are baby huntsman, I actually like huntsman, so I was like, I’m not going to do anything,” the makeup artist from Germany said.

“They’re just going to walk away… let nature be.”

She went on to explain that the only really scary moment was when opened the window to let the spiders out, as the wind blew the spiders back inside, leaving some hanging on their webs. 

Claudia and her daughter then scrambled to collect them all with little glasses.

The post received some hilarious comments on twitter with some suggesting they would be better off just burning the house down and never returning. 

Fair play.


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