Binman Sacked For Kicking Head Off Snowman

A story that really brings the term ‘snowflake’ to life comes to us from Hereford this week, after a binman was fired for kicking the head off a snowman that was caught on CCTV.

Callum Woodhouse was making his daily rounds when he came across a snow sculpture in the front yard of a house in Tuplsey, Hereford.

Thinking nothing of it, the 19-year-old decided to kung-fu kick the head off the snowman that had been built by Joseph Taylor, three, and his 6-year-old sister Amelia, while he waited for the bins to be emptied near the property.

Unfortunately for the refuse worker, the incident was captured on security cameras which was sent in to the agency who employed Mr Woodhouse – resulting in the employer terminating the contract of the binman.

In a statement, Herefordshire Council said it was ‘disappointed’ by the bin collector’s conduct and that he will not be brought back to work for them again. 

Woodhouse, who is due to become a father for the first time shortly, is still trying to come to terms with the fact that this action has cost him his job.

As reported by Yahoonews, Woodhouse said: “It’s a hard time. It’s a pandemic, innit. I’m out of work now, just for kicking a snowman.

Callum Woodhouse: Image Credit

“I’m going to be a dad now. I’ve lost my job, f***ed over a snowman. I have a family to feed.”

Speaking on LBC, the sacked employee said ‘I’m overwhelmed by the fact kicking a snow man could have a massive impact on me, I felt like the snow man was obstructing my pathway to work, as a bin man we have an important role which the community rely on.

‘So to lose my job over kicking something that’s going to melt anyway is ridiculous. The snowman was in the way to put the bin back in the first place.’

However as news of the story went viral, a petition has been launched to reinstate the sacked bin man and it’s already been signed by thousands of people.

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The campaign on was started by Tsvetan Tsvetkov and says: “A binman from Hereford kicked a snowman that was already melting anyway and after a video of it went viral he got sacked. Really!?

“The guy worked throughout the whole pandemic, risking his own wellbeing and that’s what he gets?!

“And for what, a pile of snow.. grow up and give the man his job back!

“Might be you next, if you step in a puddle that might be that snowman’s passed cousin and you’re sacked! No income in times like this, shame on you!”

So the question is – who’s really the snowflake in this story?

(H/T Yahoonews)

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