Scottish Butcher Launches Haggis Into Space To Celebrate Burns Night

It might only be January but the most Scottish story of the year has already arrived, with a Scottish butcher and a space education firm teaming up to launch a 454g packet of Haggis to the edge of space.

The man behind the idea and concept is Scottish butcher Simon Howie, who wanted to start another year in lockdown by “lifting the spirits of of the general public”.

Lacking astronomical experience, the butcher enlisted the help of Statonauts – a space education and research firm – who attached the packet of haggis to a weather balloon and sent the national dish up more than 20 miles (107,293ft) above the earth!

To quantify that for you, it’s pretty much four times the height of Mount Everest.

One small step for man. One giant leap for Haggis. Image Credit Simon Howie/Stratonauts

The stunt was coordinated to coincide with Burns Night, which celebrates the Scottish poet Robert Burns, and took off from Dunning. 

After being in the air for 2 hours and 37 minutes, the haggis fell back to earth at a reported speed of nearly 200mph – making it also the fastest haggis in the world – before a parachute kicked in to soften it’s landing.

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As reported by the BBC, the haggis was collected and taken back to where it was made but after it’s amazing journey it is now too special to eat so it is being kept safe because it is the ‘first haggis in space’.

Speaking about the stunt, Howie said “After a year like no other, we wanted to kick off 2021 by lifting the spirits of the general public.

“We hope that our space haggis gives everyone some much-needed cheer.”.

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