Pub Introduces £45 ‘Road Train’ Burger That Weighs 5.5KG!

A free keg of beer is up for grabs if you can take down a mammoth challenge being laid out by an Australian pub, who have introduced their ‘Road Train’ burger that weighs over 5 kilograms!

Claiming to be the largest burger down under, The Nindigully Pub in Thallon, Queensland has created this beast of a burger that has 400g of cheese on it alone.

According to the menu, this bypass-inducing burger includes an enormous 1.2kg meat patty, a 1kg burger bun, 6 tomatoes, three large beetroots, one entire iceberg lettuce, one whole tine of pineapple slices, 400g of cheese and garnished off with some barbecue sauce.

I’ve seen bigger… Image credit 7News.

Costing A$80 (£45), the feast also includes 1kg of potato wedges. Not bad if you split it 2 ways or even in a group of 4.

After gobsmacked diners visited the pub over summer, images of the burger and challenge have gone viral on social media, leading to an boosts in visitors over the holiday season of hungry tourists keen to have a crack at polishing the Road Train off.

As reported by 7news, one man said that he “’travelled to outback Queensland for the biggest burger! And it was totally worth it. It was an incredible burger and it tastes so good.’

Another admitting it was too big for just one person, saying ‘there was a few of us so it got demolished. We can’t wait to go back already.’

This thing is HUGE! Image Credit 7News.

While most people have been impressed with the meaty monster, others have pointed out the enormous size of the burger ban – expressing that the bread to meat ratio is a turnoff.

‘Bread to filling ratio is terrible but would love to give it a crack none the less, pub on,’ one wrote, while another added: ‘Looks like a mean feed but don’t like the bread to meat ratio.’

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According to the pub owners, no-one has managed to finish off the meal singlehandedly yet but with the current media storm surround the challenge, the pub could attract attention from some competitive eaters around the world.

And scoring a free keg for finishing it all by yourself is a pretty great prize!

But that will have to wait until after the pandemic, as Australia is currently enforcing some of the  the strictest border controls around the world.

Think you could take down this epic burger by yourself?

(H/T 7News)

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