Watch The Moment A Painter Accidentally Reverses Through A House

Having a bad day at work barely scratches the surface when trying to sum up the horror day experienced by a painter in New Zealand over the weekend, after they accidentally reversed their car through the clients house.

And when we say ‘through the house’ we mean it- the car literally went straight through the closed garage door, through the lounge room and ended up dangling out the window on the other side.

The painter was visiting the site in Browns Bay in preparation of the job that was to start on Monday but ended up leaving the landlord with a significantly larger renovation bill.

Image Credit: New Zealand Herald

Fortunately none of the six residents were home when the car plowed through the house and despite the considerable carnage left behind, the car didn’t cause any structural damage to the home.

A crane was required to remove the vehicle that was left perilously dangling and hanging vertically alongside the house.

Speaking to The New Zealand Herald, one of the residents explained the shock they were all in after seeing pictures of the car dangling out the side of the house.

“The landlord had sent a message to us so one of the girls who lives here went back to the flat to see and she took photos,” she recalled.

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 She was meant to come out of our driveway to turn right to leave but instead of accelerating, she was in reverse. It completely annihilated everything,” she added.

Image Credit: New Zealand Herald

“I couldn’t believe it. The whole thing was being downplayed as ‘a little bit of damage’, then we saw the photos and holy s**t, that’s a big hole.”

“We’re allowed to stay here but the entire garage is no longer in use and neither is the lounge above it. We’ve boarded it all up.”

The painter was taken to hospital and thankfully didn’t sustain any injuries with witnesses saying she was – understandably- very shaken up by it all.

The house was being painted in preparation for being sold.

Image Credit: New Zealand Herald

(H/T New Zealand Herald)

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