Cocaine Bananas Sent To Grocery Store In Botched Drug Deal

One of the more unusual stories this week comes to us from Canada, after an enormous mix up resulted in a bunch of cocaine turning up inside a box of bananas at a grocery store.

We know what you’re thinking – sounds bananas right?! 

The incredible discovery was made by a store owner in Kelowna, a small town in the Canadian province of British Columbia, who was going through their routine deliveries when they noticed some suspect packages in the bottom of a box of bananas.

Not exactly well hidden! Image Credit RCMP)

That unusual discovery was 21 bricks of cocaine that had been wrapped individually and hidden – poorly – in a crate of bananas  that had apparently been sent to the wrong place.

Incredibly, later that day a second grocery store owner contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to report that they too had received a shipment of what they believed was also the Class-A drug.

The incidents, which occurred in February of 2019, have been under an almost 2 year investigation to source the origin of the delivery with police concluding this week that the shipment was a botched drug delivery originating from Columbia.

As reported by Global News, “The drug section of the Kelowna RCMP Street Enforcement Unit worked collaboratively with the CBSA to determine that these shipments originated in Colombia,” Cpl Jeff Carroll of the Kelowna RCMP Drug Section said in a statement.

“Our investigation leads us to believe these illicit drugs were not meant to end up in the Central Okanagan and arrived here in the Okanagan Valley as a result of a missed pickup at some point along the way.”

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Kelowna RCMP went on say they estimated the quantity of the packages would have introduced upwards of 800,000 doses of crack cocaine into the Canadian illicit drug market – enough for every resident in the City of Kelowna to receive nearly 6 doses each!

(H/T Global News)

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