Teenagers Prank Shoppers By Pretending Super Glue Is Hand Sanitizer

We could all do with a laugh at the moment, couldn’t we? Even if it’s via a relatively cruel practical joke. And that’s just what a group of teenagers in Bradford have provided us with, this week.

It may not have gone according to plan, but a few teens took to a Morrisons to hand out free ‘sanitiser’ to shoppers, hoping to catch them out with what, had it worked, would have been an unbelievable prank.

Said ‘sanitiser’ was actually superglue, but unfortunately for the pranksters, they gave themselves away too many times and were unsuccessful with their ‘free pump’ hi-jinks.

One shopper who was nearly caught out was Kathy Smith, who spoke to YorkshireLive about her near miss with what would have been embarrassing disaster.

“The lad approached me showing me the bottle of ‘sanitiser’ asking if I would like a free pump.

“He was eagerly waiting for me to hold my hand out with a massive smile on his face.

“They all started to laugh. I asked, ‘what’s in the bottle?’ He said, ‘sanitiser’ while laughing.

“I heard one of the lads laughing and he said: ‘F*****g superglue’.

“They all walked off laughing when I said, ‘I’ll pass thanks’.”

Morrisons have confirmed they were unaware of the incident taking place, while West Yorkshire Police have similarly confirmed no complaints have been made to them about it, either.

(h/t YorkshireLive)

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