Just Eat Driver Cancels McDonald’s Delivery And Eats It Himself

There aren’t many worse experiences than awaiting a takeaway, tracking your food through the app, eagerly anticipating it’s arrival as it edges closer and closer to your front door, only to helplessly look on as the order is cancelled.

Absolutely gutted.

But imagine your McDonald’s order being cancelled and then seeing said order being demolished by your delivery driver right in front of your very eyes.

This is what happened to one JustEat customer, who could not believe what she was seeing as her food was scoffed by an opportunistic driver.

The understandably disgruntled customer filmed the driver before sharing the video with her brother, who uploaded it to Twitter for the world to witness.

“Yo Just Eat my sister ordered McDonalds on your site yesterday from Kentish Town McDonalds.” tweeted CJ.

“The driver cancelled the order, sat outside her house and ate the food?”

Speaking to LADbible, a JustEat spokesperson said, “At Just Eat we’re committed to providing a positive experience for all of our customers. When we become aware of any practices that fall below the high standards we expect, we will always take steps to address this. 

“As such, we were concerned to hear about this incident. We are investigating, will take action as appropriate and are also in contact with the customer.”

To be honest, you have to respect the audacity of the driver. Bare faced cheek, right outside the customer’s gaff. We dare say it’s borderline heroic in it’s bravery.

It’s also very, very funny.

(h/t LADbible)

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