Govt Official Caught Having Sex With Secretary On Zoom Meeting

I think I can speak on behalf of all of us when I say that we’re all plain sick and tired of the word Zoom.

It’s a word that will help define the year 2020 and it’s up there with key words like Covid, social distancing and face mask – all the things we can’t wait to never have to think of or say ever again.

However, it’s not all just tedious online quizzes when it comes to Zoom, as the video calling application does occasionally pop up with a bit of magic and humorous incidents, as was the case in the Phillipines recently.

Caught out!

Much to the shock of his colleagues, a government official was literally caught with his pants down, having it off with his secretary after he somehow joined a zoom meeting with as many as 6 of his work-mates.

The man in question is Jesus Estil, who is captain and boss of Fatima Dos Village Council in Cavite.

Unaware that his camera was on and that he had joined the meeting, Estil can be seen walking toward his female secretary before the two began engaging in sexual acts.

And things got worse for the captain, after one his colleagues on the call recorded the moment and made the video public, resulting in a petition being filed by some local residents in the hope to oust the captain for gross misconduct. 

As reported by the Daily Mail, The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) said that Estil will be relieved of his post as quickly as possible.

DILG Barangay Affairs Summons and Complains Chief Richard Geronimo said: ‘This is not simple misconduct, but grave misconduct. We will do everything to punish him.

‘Naturally, the staff member in question has asked for forgiveness but it is not that easy.’

(H/T Daily Mail)

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