Digger Attempting To Rescue Truck Stuck In Sand Ends Up Stuck As Well

You know those scenes in films or TV shows where somebody becomes stuck or needs some help, only for the person that eventually comes to the rescue ends up making the situation significantly worse?

Well that’s exactly what happened in Somerset recently, where comical scenes unfolded.

For reasons still unclear, a tipper truck driver sounded the alarm and rang for help after his truck became stuck in the sand on the beach at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Thing were promising at this point. Image Credit: Roger Fry/SWNS

Unable to move, a digger was called in to help remove the sand around the tipper truck which could help free it.

Unfortunately this didn’t happen.

With a rapid tide coming in, the digger had to be abandoned and was also eventually submerged in water right next to the truck it was meant to be helping.

Andddd sunk. Image Credit: Roger Fry/SWNS

As intrigued and amused members of the public gathered near the beachside to observe this unusual scene, eventually a third digger was brought in that finally brought the other two to safety.

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A rather ironic sign. Picture: Roger Fry/SWNS

(H/T Metro)

(H/T Metro)

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